Bible - Bigham

Samuel Kershner Senr. was born Aug. 26, 1785.
Mary Wachtel was born October 4, 1792.
Joined in union June 23, 1811.
Mary Ann Kershner was born February 3rd 1812.
Samuel Kershner was born Nov. 19th 1816
John Kershner was born April 19th 1818
William Henry Kershner was born June 21, 1831.
Joseph Bigham Junr. Was born January 27, 18[04]
Mary Ann Kershner was born Feb. 3rd 1812.
Joined in union June 3, 18[30]
Son, Samuel Joseph, was born Feb 20th 1831 was babtised [sic] by [Rev.] Bruner 3rd July
Mary Ann Elizabeth was born October 10, 1832 was babtised by Reverend Hushaur 21 July 18__
Son Emanuel Kershner was born January 2nd 1835 was baptized April 15, 1835
Son James Henry was born December 5th 1836 was babtised
Charles Harrison was born December 6th 1839 was babtised May 31
Catherine Jane Eliza was born January 7 1843 was babtised
Son John William was born, 14 August 1845 was baptized
Semina Maria [Bigham] born, feb, 22. 1850.
Wife Mary Ann died 7th September 1846 after an illness of 4 weeks.
My father Jos. Bigham died of dropsy, July 10th 1846.
Joseph Bigham and Delia Paisley Maried April 12, 1849
My mother died about March 1855
Catharine Bovey sister Polly daughter died about 8th of ______er 1858. [Paper edge worn off.]
Sister Maria Smith died March 21, 1859
In the handwriting of Emanuel K. Bigham:
James Henry Bigham died December 4 1901
Father Joseph Bigham died February 22 1898
J. W. Bigham died at Bald Knob Ark. Jan 8 1902
In the handwriting of Laura (McGahey) Bigham, wife of E. K. Bigham:
E. K. Bigham
Born Jan. 2, 1835
Died March 11 - 1914
Additional Comments:
Joseph Bigham, Jr. of Donnellson, Montgomery Co., Illinois, kept family records in a History of the Greek Revolution, compiled from Official Documents of the Greek Government, by John L. Comstock, M.D. New York: William W. Reed & Co., 1828. Some of it is hard to read or actually missing due to the edges crumbling from the ravages of time. In the book is written that it is the property of Joseph Bigham Junr. Bought in autum annodamini, 1829. Price $2.

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