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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Montgomery County ILGenWeb site.

2019-Feb-18 Added Godfrey STIEFEL family group sheet
2018-Dec-10 Added Leonora (ASH) EPPERSON obituary
2018-Nov-02 Added Resource link to naturalization records at FamilySearch.org
2018-Oct-13 Added 1882 History's Chapters 13-15 about City of Litchfield
2018-Aug-30 Added 1882 History's Chapter 11 about North Litchfield Township
2018-Jun-08 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
2018-Jun-05 Thanks to Cindy Shaw, added 1914 Confirmation Class photo
2018-May-06 Thanks to Emily Helton, added more images of Clara Ella Mitchell's autograph book
2018-May-01 Thanks to Emily Helton, added notes and images of Clara Ella Mitchell's autograph book
2018-Apr-07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018-Feb-15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal casualties list
2018-Feb-12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal casualties list
2018-Jan-25 Added Births & Christenings
2017-Dec-11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War link
2017-Dec-04 Thanks to Eric & Marcia Driggs, corrected L. Scott Hoes biography
2017-Jul-01 Added 1904 biography of Cyrus Fitzjarrell
2017-Jun-30 Added 1918 Lawyers article
2017-May-19 Added Revolutionary War veteran burials
2017-Mar-24 Added 1882 chapters 8-10
2017-Jan-15 Added 1882 chapters 23-31
2017-Jan-14 Added 1882 chapters 16-21
2017-Jan-13 Added 1882 chapters 6, 7, 12, and 22.
2017-Jan-12 Added remaining 1892 biographies
2017-Jan-10 Added another batch of 1892 biographies
2016-Dec-04 Added more 1892 biographies
2016 Nov 29 Added some 1892 biographies
2016 Nov 25 Added family group sheets and descendants charts, added additional off-site resources
2016 Nov 22 Added remaining 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 20 Added more 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 19 Added some 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 18 Added 1877-1915 and 1916-1950 deaths
2016 Nov 17 New Look courtesy of Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time; Restored Bible records and Military Land Grants; Added maps, census links,  Black Hawk war listing, Civil War, Spanish-American War, Soldiers & Sailors Home Residents, 1929 Honor Roll, and Marriages
 2016 Nov 07 New County Coordinator - Norma Hass

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