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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Montgomery County ILGenWeb site.

2019 Jul 10 Added Resource link to Deutsch-Amerikaner newspaper
2019 May 14 Thanks to Marti Swanson, fixed BALDWIN Family Newsletter post
2019 May 11 Thanks to Marti Swanson, added May 2019 issue of BALDWIN Family Newsletter to Families
2019 Apr 28 Added extraction and Resource link to History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois
2019-Feb-18 Added Godfrey STIEFEL family group sheet
2018-Dec-10 Added Leonora (ASH) EPPERSON obituary
2018-Nov-02 Added Resource link to naturalization records at FamilySearch.org
2018-Oct-13 Added 1882 History's Chapters 13-15 about City of Litchfield
2018-Aug-30 Added 1882 History's Chapter 11 about North Litchfield Township
2018-Jun-08 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
2018-Jun-05 Thanks to Cindy Shaw, added 1914 Confirmation Class photo
2018-May-06 Thanks to Emily Helton, added more images of Clara Ella Mitchell's autograph book
2018-May-01 Thanks to Emily Helton, added notes and images of Clara Ella Mitchell's autograph book
2018-Apr-07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018-Feb-15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal casualties list
2018-Feb-12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal casualties list
2018-Jan-25 Added Births & Christenings
2017-Dec-11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War link
2017-Dec-04 Thanks to Eric & Marcia Driggs, corrected L. Scott Hoes biography
2017-Jul-01 Added 1904 biography of Cyrus Fitzjarrell
2017-Jun-30 Added 1918 Lawyers article
2017-May-19 Added Revolutionary War veteran burials
2017-Mar-24 Added 1882 chapters 8-10
2017-Jan-15 Added 1882 chapters 23-31
2017-Jan-14 Added 1882 chapters 16-21
2017-Jan-13 Added 1882 chapters 6, 7, 12, and 22.
2017-Jan-12 Added remaining 1892 biographies
2017-Jan-10 Added another batch of 1892 biographies
2016-Dec-04 Added more 1892 biographies
2016 Nov 29 Added some 1892 biographies
2016 Nov 25 Added family group sheets and descendants charts, added additional off-site resources
2016 Nov 22 Added remaining 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 20 Added more 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 19 Added some 1882 biographies
2016 Nov 18 Added 1877-1915 and 1916-1950 deaths
2016 Nov 17 New Look courtesy of Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time; Restored Bible records and Military Land Grants; Added maps, census links,  Black Hawk war listing, Civil War, Spanish-American War, Soldiers & Sailors Home Residents, 1929 Honor Roll, and Marriages
 2016 Nov 07 New County Coordinator - Norma Hass

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