Bible - Stanley

Jesse Stanley was born Dec. 15th 1814
Mary Frances Stanley was born Feb. 17th 1818
Margaret Jane Stanley was born Feb. 18th 1836
Sarah Elizabeth Stanley was born Dec. 2nd 1837
Mary Susan Stanley was born Feb. 2nd 1845
Williaam John Stanley was born Oct. 27th 1846
Joel Zachariah Stanley was born July 31st 1849
Willis Francis Jay Stanley was born June 5th 1855
Margaret Jane Stanley was born Dec. 15th 1844
Frances Eleanor Agnew was born Aug. 21st 1869
Mary Alice Agnew was born Aug. 28th 1869
Kenneth John Bruns was born Oct 14th 1926
William Jesse Stanley was born Sept. 4th 1892
Henry Willis Stanley was born April 21st 1894
Mary Felicia Stanley was born Nov. 4th 1895
Stella Eleanor Stanley was born June 6th 1897
Sarah Agnes Stanley was born Nov. 27th 1898
William Joel Stanley was born Sept 3rd 1890
John Wesley Stanley was born Sept. 23rd 1891
Frank Agnew Stanley was born Dec. 14th 1892
Albert Lewis Stanley was born Feb. 14th 1893
Joseph Roy Stanley was born Mar. 10th 1894
Thomas Ralph Stanley was born Apr. 10th 1896
Willis Dewey Stanley was born May 30th 1897
Margaret Jane Stanley died Feb. 22nd 1836
Mary Susan Stanley died Feb. 6th 1845
Sarah Elizabeth Stanley died Aug. 12th 1864
Joel Zacariah Stanley died Feb. 12th 1888
Jesse Stanley died Apr. 6th 1888
Willis Francis Jay Stanley died Jan. 18th 1899
Margaret Jane Stanley died Jan. 14th 1884
William John Stanley died Mar. 25th 1899
Mary Alice Stanley died Mar. 5th 1935
Jesse W. Stanley died Sept. 12th 1946
Kenneth John Bruns died Aug. 2nd 1943
William Thomas Vaugh died May 30th 1888
Jesse Stanley and Mary Frances Starkey were married Feb. 26th 1835
William J. Stanley and Margaret Jane McManus were married Apr. 29th 1881
William J. Stanley and Frances Eleanor Agnew were married Oct. 10th 1859
Willis F.J. Stanley and Mary Alice Agnew were married Nov. 17th 1892
Additional Comments:
These two bible pages are what sparked my interest in genealogy.

Contributed 29 Apr 2007 by Sandra Kluge

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