Biography - John Barbee

Rev. John R. BARBEE, clergyman, Girard, son of John and Mary (RAY) BARBEE, was born in Green County, Ky., December 26, 1828, where also he was raised, educated and married. His marriage to Miss Nannie, daughter of John and Hila (ROGERS) BOTTOM, was celebrated November 24, 1852, in Taylor County, Ky. In the fall of 1864, Mr. BARBEE moved into Pitman Township, Montgomery Co., Ill., where, about the same time, he bought a farm, comprising 103 acres of very rich land, well drained, and containing an abundant supply of stock water; he has quite recently erected on these premises a fine two-story frame dwelling house. Mr. BARBEE has a family of ssix children - Mary Ray, the wife of William HOWLAND, residents of Montgomery County; Hila, the wife of Faris HOWLAND, residents of Pike County; Joseph Eller, John Waller, Elias William and Lilla May. Mr. BARBEE was ordained to the ministry of the Baptist Church about 1858, while residing in Kentucky; he is regarded by the public as devoted, talented and pious; to this sentiment we give approbation, and add, as an opinion of our own, that he is one of the most industrious workers to be found in his denomination. Mr. BARBEE has a family record of which he has a right to feel proud; the relationship has been patriotically represented in every war of the nation from the Revolution to the late civil war of the great rebellion; his grandfather, Elias BARBEE, a seventh son, and six of this brothers, were soldiers in the war which gave independence to the American colonies and freedom to the world; Joshua and Thomas are the only names of these brothers handed down. Elias raised four sons - John, Elias, William and Thomas. Of these, John, Mr. BARBEE's father, with his uncle, Col. Joshua BARBEE, were soldiers in the war of 1812; John was in the engagement in which the celebrated Indian chief, Tecumseh, fell. John BARBEE, Mr. BARBEE's immediate ancestor, raised a family of nine children - Mrs. Lucy (Benjamin) THURMAN, of La Rue County, Ky.; Catharine; Mrs. Elizabeth (David) MEARS, of Green County, Ky.; Mrs. Julia (Thomas) LENDRUM, of McLean County, Ky.; Mary; Mrs. Lydia (John) ROBINSON OF Taylor County, Ky.; Elias, deceased; Joseph, of California; and John R., of this sketch. Elias was a soldier in the Mexican war, and was wounded in the battle of Buena Vista, in the same charge in which the brave Col. John J. HARDIN was killed. Mr. BARBEE himself was a Chaplain during our late civil strife, for the Thirteenth Kentucky Infantry, and was in the siege of Knoxville. The writer of this history has known this family for a number of years, and takes pleasure here to testify to their excellent standing and character, and heartily wishes that the old friendship and strong ties of sympathy may continue.

Extracted 20 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 259-260.

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