Biography - George Browning

George H. BROWNING, farmer, P. O. Girard, was born in Greene County,
Ill., April 22, 1834; his education was obtained in the common schools of his native county, where his early life was spent in assisting his grandfather upon a farm. At the age of eighteen, he returned home and took upon himself the support of his mother and her family, which duties he performed until he reached the age of twenty-five years, when he embarked upon his career in life as a farmer, and has followed that occupation up to the present time; his first purchase of real estate was in Greene County, and consisted of forty acres of land, which he improved, added to and eventually sold; in 1866, he purchased the property he now owns, and has built most of the buildings and made all other improvements which are usually found upon a well-regulated farm, and everything about the premises confirms the reputation Mr. BROWNING bears as being a successful and enterprising farmer; he has, by his energy and industry, accumulated a large property, and now owns 200 acres of choice prairie farm land all of which, as a practical farmer, he keeps in a high state of cultivation, and upon which he grows all of the usual farm crops; he also raises all the stock he handles upon his place. He was married, in Greene County, December 20, 1860, to Louisa E. ADCOCK, who was born in Greene County April 15, 1838; she has borne him twelve children, viz.: Maxie J. (wife of George Simon), Edward M., William A., Cora L. (deceased), George C., Lena L., John W., Jacob O., Sarah E., Aquilla E., Perry L., Myrtle (an infant. Mrs. BROWNING was a daughter of Issan and Rachael (STINNET) Adcock, natives of Kentucky, he deceased, she still living. Matiac BROWNING, the father of George, was a native of Kentucky, and was one of the early settlers of Greene County; he was a preacher by profession; his death occurred in 1842; his wife, Maxie WOOD, was also a native of Kentucky; she died in 1860; she was the mother of nine children, of whom George, our subject, was the fourth. Politically, he is identified with the Democratic party. Mrs. BROWNING is connected with the Baptist Church.

Extracted 20 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, page 272.

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