Biography - C Buffington

C. G. BUFFINGTON, M. D. The original of the sketch to which our attention is now directed is a rising young physician of the general school, who has already made a name for himself in the town of Litchfield, where he has been located since 1886. In the village of Jerseyville, Ill., on May 22, 1859, Dr. J. H. and Frances (Gordon) Buffington became the parents of the bright young man who has already shown the effect of grit and brains combined in his make-up. The father of our subject was born in Philadelphia, and was there educated, and came to Illinois when the wild animals and the still wilder Indians had not wholly disappeared from the region around what now is Jerseyville, Ill. The medical profession seemed to be the one most desired in the family, as a brother, an uncle of our subject, also embraced it, and now is occupying the position of Professor in the celebrated Rush Medical College of Chicago, where the most wonderful displays of medical and surgical skill have been made in the past few years that the world has ever seen. Dr. Buffington practiced his profession at Jerseyville until the time of his death, and he left three children to mourn his loss: Dr. C. D., of Atwater; Mrs. Clara E. Roberts, a widow of this place; and the subject of this sketch.
Our subject grew to manhood in Jerseyville, and attended the High School of this place. He then chose the profession of his father for his life work, and for this he has proven himself peculiarly fitted. He engaged with Dr. Hadway to read medicine with him, and continued under this prominent physician until he was prepared to enter the Missouri Medical College of St. Louis, where he attended lectures during 1879-80-81. He was one of the graduates in the Class of '81, and located in Jersey County for his first practice, ten miles west of Jerseyville, and there he remained for five years. He was successful, and was made the county physician for one year, but he was ambitious and desired to get into a wider sphere. The opening in Litchfield for a young and progressive physician seemed good, and he came to this place in 1886. He could scarcely have done better in any place, as his ability has been recognized and he has become very popular. He estimates that his practice in the first six years was $4,000 per year, and he has accumulated property in the city worth $7,000, and he now owns his office, his fine residence and two other places of value.
Dr. Buffington has not become a member of any societies as yet in this locality, but during his stay in Jersey County, he was a member of the medical society there. He now is the examiner for the brakemen who desire positions on the Jacksonville & Southeastern Railroad.
The marriage of our subject took place May 29 1889, to Miss Anna Huddleston, of Macoupin County, born January 10, 1871. She was the daughter of the late Samuel Huddleston, who was the largest land-owner in the county of Macoupin, having no less than thirteen hundred acres. Mrs. Buffington is a lady of rare accomplishments, having been educated at the Blackburn University at Carlinville, and in her and her husband Litchfield society has gained two very desirable members. The Doctor has two brothers now deceased, who during their lifetime were engaged in the drug business, one in Jerseyville, Ill., the other in Indianola, Iowa.

Extracted 12 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 505-506.

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