Biography - Bennett Green

BENNETT F. GREEN, D. D. S. A follower of that profession which is pain giving but healing, Dr. Green is a favorite in his calling in Nokomis. Magnetic in his nature, he soothes and allays the fear that one naturally feels in entering the office of a dentist. He was born at Vienna, Ontario, Canada, August 6, 1853. His father was Isaac B. Green. His mother's maiden name was Surah Cornwell. The Doctor is the eldest of three children born to his parents and the only one now living. His paternal great-grandsire was an Englishman, born and bred to all the traditions of English country life. He emigrated to Canada about the year 1775. John S. Green, the son of the former and the grandfather of our subject, was born about 1785, and Isaac B. Green, our subject's immediate paternal ancestor, was born at Greenville, Canada, in 1817.
Isaac B. Green, who was of a mechanical turn of mind, became a mill owner in Canada in early life, but later he left milling and became a merchant, and for some reason which is not known to the writer, either social or resulting from the natural desire for change, the family removed to the States in 1858, locating first at Bunker Hill, Ill. Here our subject's father became interested in farming, but when, a year after coming here, the mother of the family was stricken with death, the new residence had lost its charms to the paternal head and he sent his son back to Canada.

On going back to his native place, the subject of this sketch, then a motherless child, was taken into the family of his grandparents, with whom he remained for about two years, or until his father had contracted a second marriage. The boy then came back to Illinois, making his home with his father, and was occupied with farm duties and the acquiring of an education in the public schools of the vicinity.
Remaining under the paternal roof until he had reached his majority, Dr. Green early became conversant with the moods of Nature, and learned many lessons therefrom that have been of inestimable value to him since. After leaving home he went to Litchfield, and entered the office of Dr. Barefoot, under whom he studied dental surgery. He prosecuted his studies in this line for four years, at the end of which time his preceptor considered that he had thoroughly mastered his profession.
Ready to launch out in life for himself, in 1878 young Dr. Green came to Nokomis and opened an office on his own account in his chosen profession. Successful beyond his most sanguine expectations from the start, he soon built up a fine and lucrative business. He is one of the progressive men who endeavor to keep in touch with every advance made, not only in the fields in which he is individually interested, but also in the broader avenue of the arts and sciences.
November 4, 1880, the gentleman of whom we write took upon himself the duties and obligations of married life, taking as his life partner Isabella Pruitt, a native of Gillespie, Macoupin County, this State, and the attractive daughter of a prominent farmer of Gillespie. Mr. and Mrs. Green are spending the midsummer of their lives in an elegant home and are surrounded by all the comforts that go to make modern living ideal compared with anything that has been known before. Three children complete the picture of their domestic happiness. Their eldest daughter, Sarah Edna, is a child of ten summers, who promises to add perpetual sunshine to their home. Two sprightly, go-ahead, mischievous boys are the remaining members of the family.

Extracted 10 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 419-420.

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