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REV. W. H. GRONER. In the study of the careers of those who have been the architects of their fortunes in the various departments of business or professional life, there may often be encountered suggestions of inestimable value to those who are just starting out in life for themselves. The men whom we are accustomed to call self-made are well represented in Litchfield, where many of their number are carving for themselves monuments that will outlast gilded shafts or marble statues. Among this class prominent mention belongs to the gentleman with whose name we introduce this sketch, and who is widely known and highly esteemed as a minister in the Christian Church. For a period covering twenty-one years he has held the pastorates at Ridgely, Round Prairie, Boston Chapel and Atwater, where his labors have been rewarded with abundant success. In addition to his ministerial work, he has for five years served efficiently as Assessor for North Litchfield Township.
Born in North Litchfield Township October 17, 1842, our subject is the son of T. C. G. and Mary (Wood) Groner. His father settled in this part of Illinois as early as 1838, and, entering land soon after his arrival, entered upon the career of a farmer. His home is located in North Litchfield Township, where he still resides at the advanced ago of seventy -seven years. He can recount some thrilling experiences of California life in the early '50s, for about that time he became imbued with the desire to go West, and spent five years in the gold diggings of California. He is a pioneer in the Christian Church, and is an earnest follower of its doctrines. His three sons and five daughters have all reached years of maturity, and he is now enjoying his declining years, surrounded by long-time friends and his children.
Our subject enlisted in Company A, Ninety-first Illinois Infantry, August 11, 1862. After being stationed at a number of Southern points, he reached Elizabethtown, Ky., on the 27th of December, of the same year, where he was taken prisoner, placed on parole and soon after exchanged. He served three full years and received his discharge at the close of the war. After returning home, he spent some time in a select school and one year in Blackburn Theological Seminary. Soon after leaving school, he commenced teaching (which profession he still follows) and fitting himself for the ministry. He was ordained in February, 1868.
Mr. Groner is eminently fitted for his chosen vocation in life, for he is a man of versatile talents and energetic temperament. During the twenty-four years in which he has been identified with the Christian Church as a minister, his career has been markedly successful, and this success has been brought about by his close study and extraordinary capacity for work. Few men could have proved equal to the strain brought to bear upon him from the multiplicity of labors he undertook and accomplished so thoroughly. He has for many years had four charges, and sometimes preached three sermons in one day. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and S. B. Phillips Post, G. A. R., occupying the position of Chaplain of the post. He was first elected Assessor of North Litchfield Township in 1885. In 1881, he was elected Assessor of Raymond Township, where he was at that time living.
When prepared to establish home ties of his own, our subject was united in marriage with Miss Amanda C., a daughter John S. and Elizabeth Roberts, and a friend of his boyhood, they having been reared on adjoining farms. Their marriage occurred November 24, 1868, and they are now the parents of two children, Minnie L. and Bertie. During al! the labors of Mr. Groner for the past twenty-four years he has been nobly assisted by his wife, who has proved herself a tireless and efficient worker in the vineyard of the Master. Her kind words and gracious manner have endeared her to hosts of friends, and her name is known for many a mile on account of the sweetness of her disposition and the nobility of her character. Our subject has always identified himself with the cause of education and has served on the School Board, beside occupying the position of Commissioner of Public Works for four or five terms.

Extracted 10 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 428-429.

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