Biography - Hardy Jones

Hardy F. JONES, farmer, P. O. Hillsboro, was born in South Carolina April 24, 1813, to James and Elizabeth (TOLES) JONES, he, James, was born in America, but was of English descent. He died in 1816, aged sixty four years. During his life he followed the occupation of a farmer. He served through the war of 1812. His wife the mother of our subject, was born in Georgia in 1804, and died in 1854; she was of Scotch descent. She was the mother of eight children, of whom Hardy JONES was the sixth child. His early life was spent in receiving such an education as the log schoolhouse of his day afforded, and assisting in tilling the soil of the homestead farm. At the age of three years he was brought to Adair County, Ky., his father having died on the way before reaching their new home. At the age of twenty-one he left home and removed to Greene County, Ind., where he embarked on his career in life as a farm hand, by the moth. In April, 1842, he removed to Montgomery County, Ill., and settled in East Fork Township, two miles east of his present residence; there entered eighty acres of land, forty in timber and forty in prairie. He remained upon this tract of land, making all necessary improvements and raising all usual farm crops, until Mary, 1877, when he bought his present residence and farm, and removed to the same, where he is still engaged in farming. By his honesty, industry and economy he has succeeded in accumulating 360 acres of land, most of which is under a high state of cultivation. In 1832, he married Matilda NICHOLSON, who was born in Kentucky, and died in 1863, aged fifty-two years. She was the mother of eight children, six of whom are now living - William, James, Joseph, Tabitha, Mary Ann and Rebecca. In 1869, he married Mary C. RAGLAND; she was born in Virginia in October, 1832. She is the mother of two children, viz., Wilson S. and Eugenia. Politically, Mr. JONES is identified with the Democratic party. Mr. JONES remembers of hearing the first preacher deliver a sermon; his name was old Jimmie STREET.

Extracted 22 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, page 293.

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