Biography - Nathaniel Lingle

NATHANIEL H. MARTIN LINGLE was born in Rowan County, N. C., May 3, 1831. He is the son of John J. and Sarah (Blackwelder) Lingle, who were natives of North Carolina, of English and German extraction. John J. was a farmer and his ancestors in North Carolina carried on agricultural pursuits there and took part in the Revolutionary War. He died in the old North State when our subject was three and one-half years of age, but his wife survived him until 1860 and died in this county. She married George Carriker in North Carolina and they moved into this township in 1842, where her second husband died about 1850.
The brothers and sisters of our subject were as follows: Monroe married Lucinda Blackwelder and lives in Cabarrus County, N. C., but his wife died in 1888 and left one child; Alfred Wiley married Elizabeth Carriker and moved into Southern Illinois, but he was killed in the war while performing his duty in Sturgis' Raid at Pittsburg Landing, and left four children; Reuben married Katie Wilhelm and is a farmer in Pulaski County, Ill., and has a family of seven children; Matthew, a minister in the Lutheran Church now living at Olney, Ill., married Sophia Scherer, who at her death left two children; Selina married Henry Spangle, lives at Mattoon and has four children; Maria, who was the wife of Wiley Lipe and died in May, 1889, at the age of sixty-two; Louisa married John G. Lipe and died July 16, 1889, leaving five children: Joseph died April 16, 1862; and Jacob, who married Mary Lipe, lives in Irving Township and has three children.
Our subject was reared in North Carolina until he had reached eleven and a-half years of age, when he was sent to the subscription school and gained a good foundation there. He was brought to this State in 1842, by his mother and step-father, and the family settled in Roundtree Township and there our subject remained until he had attained his majority. He was not satisfied with his surroundings, and in March, 1852, went to California to try his fortune and remained away for two years, when he returned to Roundtree Township. In 1855 he went to North Carolina, his native State, but came back to Illinois in 1856, and worked for eight or nine years at the carpenter's trade. When the war broke out he enlisted for three months in Company H, Ninth Illinois Infantry, and remained until his time expired, but he found a soldier's life did not agree with him, so he returned to his work as a carpenter. In 1862, he purchased fifty acres of land, which he added to until he finally had four hundred and seventy. His choice for a wife was Miss Catherine Lipe and the marriage was performed March 20, 1862. She was the daughter of Allen and Leah (Nussmann) Lipe and was born in Irving Township. Her parents both died in Roundtree Township. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Lingle, as follows: Albert died when only a year old; Forrest married Ada Chamber and lives in this town; May married Jacob Snyder, a farmer; Belle remains single; Orville, Grace, Alma and Hubert are at home.
Mr. Lingle is a Republican in his political belief, and has been true to party and has desired no offices. He is a valued member of the Lutheran Church, which he supports and attends. He has carried on a system of mixed farming and has been very successful and is a man much respected in his neighborhood.

Extracted 10 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 296-297.

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