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WILEY LIPE. The subject of the following sketch can certainly look back upon a busy life and feel that his labors have not been in vain. When success crowns any victor in a struggle, reward is his due, and Mr. Lipe receives his reward in the peace and plenty which surround his declining years, and the rest he can now take after the hard fight against disadvantageous circumstances and poverty.
The grandparents of our subject were of German extraction on both sides. The father bore the name of John Lipe, and the mother was Rachel Blackwelder. They were married in North Carolina, and when Wiley was ten years of age, came to Illinois and settled near Hillsboro, where they rented land and remained two years. They then entered Government land three-fourths of a mile south in Irving Township, and there they resided until the time of their death. Mr. Lipe was an old-line Whig until the formation of the Republican party, with which he was afterward identified. He held no offices, as in those days men had opinions without being paid for them. His religion was that of the Lutheran church. Some thirty years have passed since his death, which occurred when he was about sixty-six. The mother of our subject lived to be about eighty years old, her death having occurred about seven years since.
The family consisted of sixteen children, but seven died before they attained maturity. Those who lived were given the following names: Barbara, Nelson, Allen, Noah, Delilah, Wiley, Elizabeth John and Martin. Barbara married Michael Hefly, of Irving Township, who died about forty years ago and left a large family ; afterward she married Michael Walchor and became the mother of two children who still live on the same place. Nelson, formerly a resident of Irving Township, married Nancy Hoffner, and died leaving a large family. Allen married Leah Neusman and both are now deceased. Noah married Elizabeth Weller, and both he and his wife have passed away. Delilah first married Tillman Hefty, and after his death she became the wife of Michael Walcher. Elizabeth, now residing in Irving Township, is the widow of Milton Nusler, who died about fifteen years ago. John first married Louisa Lingle, four children now surviving of that union, and after her death he married Catherine Reinhart. His death occurred in 1888. Martin married Sophia Bone, and both have passed away, but their children still live.
Wiley Lipe was born in Cabarrus County, N. C., and was reared there until his tenth year. He was then brought to Illinois, but he found no opportunities for gaining an education in the locality where his parents settled. The school of stern, hard necessity was the only one in which he was educated. All of the knowledge he possesses he picked up as best he could, and if his intelligence has made him more learned than many who have had better advantages, he deserves that much more credit. He remained at home until he was of age and then started out for himself. He took up forty acres of Government land, which he cleared and fenced, and added more land as his means permitted. As the result of his arduous work, he now owns one thousand acres of fertile prairie, meadow and timber land, which are his by the divine right of labor. He is an example to others, showing where there is the will there will be the way.
In the fall of 1845, Mr. Lipe married Harriet Newell Granthain, a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Christie) Granthain, but she died nine months after marriage. His second wife was Maria Lingle, a native of North Carolina, and the daughter of John J. and Sarah (Blackwelder) Lingle. Her life ended May 18, 1889. The record of her children is as follows: John, a carpenter residing at Pana, married Alice Bulkam, and they have two children. Joseph married Sarah Draper and they are the parents of two children. Harriet Newell married John Weller and has six children. Sarah Clarinda married Mark Miller, of Auburn, Ill., and they have two children. William Marshall lives in this township. His marriage to Belle Page has brought him eight children. Clark is unmarried and makes his home in Irving Township. Dorcas married Hade Wyman, and they, with their two children, reside near Auburn. Minerva became the wife of Thomas Miller and lives in Missouri, her marriage being blessed by the birth of three children. Frank never married, but died at home when twenty-three years of age. Alvin married Ora Draper and they reside on an adjoining farm. Wiley Adelbert died at home at the age of sixteen. Five children died in infancy and youth.
Mr. Lipe married for his third wife Mrs. Louisa (Hilt) Farniss, the widow of Robert Farniss. Four children of her first marriage survive: Charles, Katie, Philip and Robert, all at home. Like his father, Mr. Lipe has been a Republican and he has never desired office. He is well known throughout the neighborhood and indeed enjoys an extensive acquaintance in this part of the State. He is a consistent member of the Methodist Church, and is much respected in the community where his life has been passed.

Extracted 10 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 284-286.

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