Biography - Jacob Miles

Jacob T. MILES, deceased, was born near Brighton, Macoupin Co., Ill., May 21, 1833. His paternal ancestors were from the Carolinas, emigrating thence to Logan County, Ky., early in the present century. Mr. MILES' father entertained strong antislavery convictions, which, in 1833, induced him to seek a home in a free State, settling near Brighton. He was a farmer and merchant until the last fifteen years of his life, during which he was in the ministry of the Protestant Methodist Church. He died in 1865, the father of twelve children, of whom Jacob was the first born in Illinois, and the tenth son. One brother and one sister survive. The latter is the wife of the Rev. John FRIEND, a Christian preacher, lately of this city, but now of Iowa. Col. Jonathan R. MILES, of Miles' Station, Macoupin County, and George W. and F. M. MILES, formerly of this city, and Samuel STRATTON, were cousins of the deceased, and Mr. John R. SIMMONS, formerly a farmer of South Litchfield, now near Brighton, was his nephew. The family removed to Missouri in 1839, and returned in 1844, living in Madison and Macoupin Counties. At the age of eighteen years, Jacob began to learn the trade of carpenter in Alton, and worked thereat in that and various neighboring towns till the spring of 1856, when he removed to Litchfield. Here he carried on the business of a carpenter and builder until 1873. During part of this time, he was in partnership, first, with Lewis WHITAKER; some years afterward, with John D. CARSON; and still later, with R. A. GEORGE. In 1873, he was elected Justice of the Peace, and since then has united the duties of that office with the business of insurance and real estate. In 1859, he was elected Alderman of the Third Ward of this city, and filled that position two years. In April, 1861, he enlisted, as a private, in Company D, Seventh Illinois Infantry, and served three months. Mr. MILES was three times married, having become twice a widower. The ladies were the Misses Elizabeth, Susan and Lou LINDER, sisters of the late Mr. Emmett LINDER, well known in this city. His first marriage took place in 1858. He died at his home, in Litchfield, Ill., about 5 o'clock P. M., on Saturday, April 29, 1882, in the forty ninth year of his age. His demise was sudden and unexpected, and the news of it filled the towns people with grief, for he had been esteemed by all. He leaves a family well provided for, consisting of his wife and seven children - two grown daughters and five sons - Stella F., Alice M., William T., James L., Benjamin L., Arthur M. and Perley, the youngest, being four years old. He is greatly missed in the community, and his departure leaves a place vacant none other can fill.

Extracted 19 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 157-158.

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