Biography - Frank Milnor

HON. FRANK R. MILNOR, the efficient Mayor of the city of Litchfield, was born in Alton, Ill., December 15, 1846. His father, J. C. Milnor, was a native of Bristol, Pa., where he was reared and educated, but finding the East too constricted for his requirements, he sought the West to found for himself a new home. Alton, Ill., was the city of his selection, and here he became identified with the interests of the city, and one of the leading men in it. In this city Mr. Milnor married Henrietta Platt, a native of Troy, N. Y., who came to Illinois, with her parents, in 1832. Mr. Milnor died in 1852, leaving three children to the devoted mother, who still survives. These children were: George C., now deceased; Charles W., who is now engaged in the hardware and implement business in Alton; and Frank R., of Litchfield.
The subject of this sketch was educated at the public schools of Alton, at Lombard University, in Galesburg, Ill., and at the Commercial College of Cincinnati, after which he entered the drug store of A. S. Barry, of Alton, where he continued for some time to the satisfaction of his employers. However, he desired a wider field, and saw that the town of Litchfield would soon be a city of importance, and that those who came in on the ground floor would grow with the town and become identified with its interests. In 1866, he entered the drug store of Dr. John Grinsted, of Litchfield, and remained with him a number of years, becoming a thorough druggist and chemist, and finally succeeding him. In 1872, he moved to his present location, the corner of State and Rider Streets, known as "The Corner Drug Store." Here he placed a heavy stock of drugs, adding wall paper and books later, the prescription department having always been a specialty. For the past twenty years his business has been very successful and he is now one of the oldest druggists in the city.
Mr. Milnor is a public-spirited citizen and has various interests outside of his drug business. He is Vice-president of the Sparks Milling Company, of Alton, which is a large corporation, producing eight hundred barrels of flour per day. Many of the various improvements which have been undertaken for the advancement of the city have received his assistance and have been encouraged by his influence and his money. While in the Council he was a member of the School Board, and did much for the encouragement of education. He is a member of Litchfield Lodge, Elliott Chapter, and St. Omer Commandery.
Mr. Milnor was married to Miss Mary Sparks, of Alton, the daughter of D. R. Sparks, April 23, 1874. They have two children: Mabel Sparks, aged fifteen years; and George Edwin, aged eleven years. Mr. Milnor was elected to the City Council in 1878, serving two 3 - ears. In 1885, he was elected Mayor of the city of Litchfield, and again elected April 5, 1892, on the Republican ticket by a large majority. This testifies to his popularity as a trustworthy and enterprising man.

Extracted 12 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 485-486.

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