Biography - D. W. NEISLER

D. W. Neisler, conducting a well improved farm on section 27, Witt township, where he not only engages in the tilling of the soil but also in the raising of stock, was born in Irving township. October 21, 1846. He is a son of Henry Milton and Elizabeth E. (Lipe) Neisler, who were natives of Knox county, North Carolina. The father was a millwright by trade and, thinking that he might have better business opportunities in the new and growing west, he came to Irving township, Montgomery county, about 1832. Few improvements had been made here, the work of progress and civilization being scarcely begun, but with characteristic energy he began the development of a farm, securing his land from the government. Not a furrow had been turned or an improvement made thereon, but with characteristic energy he undertook the task of breaking the fields and planting the crops. For many years he successfully carried on agricultural pursuits, and at length his life's labors were ended in death on the 23d of August, 1881. His widow later became the wife of Joseph Davis, now deceased, and she resides in Irving.

D. W. Neisler was educated in the common schools of Montgomery county. He early became familiar with all of the duties and labors that fall to the lot of the agriculturist, working in field and meadow through the months of summer, while in the winter seasons he mastered the branches of learning taught in the public schools. At the age of twenty-one years he began farming on his own account, settling where he now lives. He had eighty acres of land, which was then raw prairie, and he has since made all of the improvements upon the place, building fences, planting trees, erecting buildings and tilling the soil. He now has a fine orchard of eight acres, and his fields are producing excellent crops. He also has good grades of stock upon his place.

On the 2nd of December, 1875, Mr. Neisler was united in marriage to Miss Ora E. Knodle, a daughter of George and Margaret (Spielman) Knodle, both of whom were natives of Maryland, whence they removed to Ogle county, Illinois, in 1857. They came to Montgomery county in the spring of 1864, locating at Hillsboro, and Mr. Knodle purchased land in Witt township. He was identified with farming interests for a number of years, but is now living retired on his farm in the enjoyment of a well-earned rest. He is one of the most venerable men of the community, having reached the age of ninety-two years on the 10th of April, 1901. His wife is now deceased.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Neisler has been blessed with eight children: Oscar L., born August 28, 1876, is a machinist with the Lake Shore Railroad and is located in Chicago; Henry D., born July 31, 1878, died on the 28th of July, 1896; Guy K., born January 2, 1882; Milton Earl, born December 17, 1883; George A., born September 16, 1885; Ira E., born March 1, 1888; Walter I., born December 8, 1889; and Edgar Lee, born December 20, 1893, are all at home. Mr. and Mrs. Neisler are identified with the Lutheran church through membership relations, and he is a member of the school board, on which he has served for a number of years, the cause of education finding in him a warm friend. His political affiliation is with the Democratic party, and, keeping well informed on the questions and issues of the day, he is enabled to support his position by intelligent argument.

Extracted 11 Apr 2020 by Norma Hass from 1904 Past and Present of Montgomery County, Illinois, by Jacob L. Traylor, pages 33-34.

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