Biography - Frederick Pannwitt

FREDERICK J. PANNWITT is a fair illustration of the advanced position which the young men are now occupying in every phase of life in the United States; in fact, this might be called the young man's era, for never before has youth taken so prominent a position in affairs, commercial, political and governmental, as at the present time. Mr. Pannwitt was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, August 31, 1860. He is the son of Frederick and Mary (Haeppner) Pannwitt. The elder Mr. Pannwitt engaged as a farmer in his native land, but, seeing larger opportunities for his children as well as himself in the States, he emigrated to America in 1865.
The Pannwitt family made their home in Chicago for one year. That was before the fire which came to the city, a blessing in disguise, and laid low the city by the lake so that it then bore little resemblance to the great metropolis of the present time. From Chicago the family removed to Effingham County, and located on a farm, doubtless the best place for bringing up a young man, and there our subject grew to manhood. He attended the district school until eighteen years of age, and then, considering himself equipped for the struggle of life, he determined to set out for himself, and accordingly went to Missouri and located at Bland, a country crossroads in Gasconade County. While here he entered a blacksmith shop in order to learn the trade, and gave three years of his time to making himself master of the business.
In the spring of 1882, the subject of this sketch came to Nokomis and entered the employ of J. L. Freasier, with whom he continued until January 1, 1885. He then purchased his employer's interest and continued the business in his own name. He has brought to it all the energy and ability of his nature and mind, and has been very successful in every effort he has thus far made.
Immediately after establishing himself in business on his own account, Mr. Pannwitt was married to Miss Margaret C. Essmann, their marriage being celebrated February 24, 1885. Their home is one of the finest residences in Nokomis, and was built in 1891. Mrs. Pannwitt has brought all her tact and taste to bear in making this an ideal home for her husband and child. She presides over the place with much grace, which shows to admirable advantage her natural ability. Mrs. Pannwitt is a native of Missouri. One child, Edwin F., a bright little boy of five years of age, gladdens the house with his winsome presence. Truly the family life as enjoyed by our subject is a very gracious one, well-ordered and prosperous, and bears the benediction of a truly religious uplifting. Mr. Pannwitt is a man of more than ordinary ability, deeply respected by all who know him, and is a true type of the German gentleman. He is an exemplary member of the Methodist Church, and is a strict temperance man. Politically, he pins his faith to the garment of no party, but votes as he believes to be for the best interests of his country, independent of platform or local interest.

Extracted 04 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, page 190.

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