Biography - Francis Phillips

Francis PHILLIPS, farmer, P. O. Butler, was born in Randolph County, Ill., February 14, 1827. His education was limited to such as could be obtained in the old log cabin schools at that early day. He commenced his career in life as a farmer. He purchased his first land in Butler Township, the farm containing 200 acres of land, only a part of which was improved, and on which the only building was a log cabin. He remained on the property for about seven years, when he sold it and bought the property he now resides upon. He has made all the improvements himself, but had the misfortune to have his buildings all destroyed by fire in 1872; but, being possessed with a stout heart and an energetic spirit, he at once erected a new residence, and the appearance of his property denotes Mr. PHILLIPS to be a practical farmer and a man who labors for public improvements, and for the advancement of the agricultural interests of the county. He has endured the hardships of a trip to the gold regions of California, where he remained about one year, and returned to his native State, the recollections of which trip are still fresh in his memory. He was married on February 1, 1826, to Miss Sarah Jane SCHERER, who was born in North Carolina, and brought to this State while yet a child. She is the mother of two children living - Harriet Virginia and David. The father of Francis was Burrell PHILLIPS, a native of one of the Southern States, but sought a home in the far West, and settled in Randolph County, Ill. He was a prominent farmer in an early day. His death occurred in 1832. His wife, Harriet BROWN, was the mother of four children, of whom Francis was the youngest. Politically, his sympathies are with the Republican party. Religiously, himself and wife are connected with the Lutheran Church. He has been a prominent member of the Odd Fellows order of a number of years.

Extracted 20 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, page 204.

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