Biography - Joseph Pollard

Joseph POLLARD, hotel proprietor, Hillsboro, was born in St. Louis January 22, 1856; son of Daniel and Mary (PHALAN) POLLARD. Daniel POLLARD was born in Ireland and emigrated to America at the age of twenty-two. He settled first in New Orleans, but afterward moved to St. Louis, where he was married August 15, 1850. He followed steamboating for several years, and was afterward employed on the police force in St. Louis. He died at Little Rock, Ark., in 1867. Of his seven children, three sons died prior to his death, and were buried in St. Louis. Since his death, one son and one daughter have died, and been buried in Litchfield, Ill. The remaining two are Joseph (our subject) and Margaret. His wife, Mary PHALAN, was born in Ireland in 1826. She came to America with some friends, when she was seventeen years of age, and stopped for a time in New Orleans, then moved to St. Louis. Since the death of her husband, she and her son, the subject of this sketch, have been engaged in the hotel business. They first kept hotel in Butler, where they stayed nine years; thence they moved to Raymond, remaining there four years, and finally located in Hillsboro, in June, 1879. Here they ran the old American Hotel for two years and a half, after which they moved to their present house, the City Hotel, where they have met with an extensive patronage. Our subject, his mother, and sister, are Catholics. He is a supporter of the Democratic party.

Extracted 19 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 113-114.

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