Biography - Daniel Rogers

Daniel P. ROGERS, farmer, P. O. Litchfield. That there is no "royal road to success" is well illustrated in the history of Mr. ROGERS. In 1861, he entered 160 acres of land near where Butler now stands; this land was entered with the proceeds of an interest in a wheat crop raised on his father's farm. April 12, 1854, he married Miss Lavina C., daughter of James and Rebecca (PARKS) SINCLAIR. In 1855, he sold out his land near Butler and bought 120 acres of fine land in Zanesville Township, where he now resides; the same season, he "broke out" forty acres; when this land was broken, the prairie grass, then several feet in height, appeared as a wall surrounding it on every side; the next season, a small frame house was erected, into which he moved. He has continued to improve and add to his farm until it now amounts to about three hundred and eighty acres of good land - 320 in cultivation; this land is very rich and well drained. The ROGERS family descended from German ancestry, who came to the United States when they were dependent colonies. Capt. Henry ROGERS, Mr. ROGERS' grandfather, won his epaulets as a Revolutionary soldier; he distinguished himself at the battle of Trenton, and the sword which he took from a Hessian officer is now in the possession of the grandson, the subject of this sketch. Henry ROGERS, after the close of the war, settled in New Jersey, where William H. Mr. ROGERS, father, was born. William raised the following family by his wife, formerly Miss Catharine PERRINE; Henry, of Monmouth County, N. J.; Robert, who died in California; Daniel P. and Charles A., of Montgomery County; Mrs. Elizabeth WOOD, deceased; Mrs. Catherine (CORNELIUS) DEY, of Macoupin County; Mrs. Sarah (Edward) ATKINSON, of St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Margaret (Capt. Charles)BORDEN, deceased, of Fall River, Mass.; and Mrs. Jane (William) PITMAN, of Jerseyville, Ill. Mr. ROGERS is not only represented in the war giving birth and being to our liberties, through his immediate paternal ancestry, but also can boast of another grandfather, Robert PERRINE, his mother's father, who served in the Revolutionary war as a Captain; his sword is also handed down, and is now in the possession of Mr. Charles ROGERS, of Zanesville Township. Mrs. ROGERS also had two grandfathers who were Revolutionary soldiers - Grandfather SINCLAIR, on her father's side, and John PARKS, of her mother's lineage. Mr. and Mrs. ROGERS have the following children: William Pitman, Robert P., and Misses Lizzie A. and Jennie A.; one son, Tolbert A., died September 12, 1858. Mr. ROGERS' chances of an education were rather poor, never getting the opportunity to attend school during his school days more than two months in a year; he has nevertheless secured a fair business education; he certainly has a strong intellect and keen discrimination. He forms a part of the County Court as Supervisor for his township, and well does he fill the position; and many of his friends expect him to fill still higher positions in the gift of the people. Mrs. ROGERS is one of those whole-souled, excellent Christian women whom we think it would be hard to praise too much. Mr. ROGERS and wife are members of the Baptist Church, and enjoy the friendship, confidence and esteem of all good people where they are known. With the greatest of pleasure we introduce them to the good people of Montgomery County, and shall ever regard the privilege as one of the most agreeable duties connected with a long, and we hope, a lasting friendship.

Extracted 20 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 239-240.

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