Biography - Alexander Ross

Alexander B. ROSS, farmer, P. O. Irving, was born in Center County, Penn., September 4, 1837, and was educated in the common schools of country, and was thrown on his own resources at the early age of fourteen years; his father sold him half-interest in stock and farm, and charged him 6 percent interest on the investment; he went to work energy, and, in the short space of three years, he was sole owner of the stock, and in six years he owned the entire interest. He went into the army in 1862, in Company G, One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, and was at the battle of Chancellorsville, where he received a flesh wound in the neck, and was in several battles afterward, and received a wound in the shoulder, which disabled him for a short time; he served in the Commissary Department; greatly to his chagrin, they would not let him go into active service again; he was mustered out, and went to his old home, and married, January 6, 1866, in Pennsylvania, Miss Anna M. RHINEHART; she was born in Pennsylvania February 23, 1841; her father, John RHINEHART, was also a native of Pennsylvania. Robert ROSS was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1813, a farmer by occupation, and died July 6, 1863; Sarah McMITT ROSS was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1820, and was the mother of eleven children, the subject being the eldest; he has a family of eight children, maned as follows: Agnes was born June 10, 1867; Minerva B. was born July 25, 1868; Sarah J. was born May 2, 1870; Harriet E. was born December 6, 1871; Thomas was born May 27,1873; John Alfred was born June 4, 1875; Robert was born June 18, 18778; Penelope Frank, born December 3, 1881. He came to Montgomery County in 1875 and located in the town of Irving, where he remained only one year; in 1866, he bought his present home, and deserves great credit for the manner in which he has succeeded in getting his place in such fine state of cultivation; is a Republican politically; he sold a farm of 175 acres, when he emigrated to this place, at $60 per acre.

Extracted 22 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, page 288.

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