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HENRY SAATHOFF. The public is always curious concerning men who have made a success in life, no matter whether that success may be one of rank, wealth or state, or a result of noble endeavor. Oftentimes this is an idle and impertinent curiosity, but on the other hand the history of one who fills his niche acceptably, doing to the best of his ability that which fate has set before him, cannot but be a helpful lesson to the reader. Of such is our subject, who, though living the quiet life of a farmer, brings such thoroughness and persistent effort to bear in his daily vocation, that a dignity is lent to it of which it is sometimes unhappily bereft.
Henry Saathoff is one of the German-American citizens of this locality, who was born in the kingdom of Hanover, December 31, 1846. He is a son of Heiel and Annie (Mueller) Saathoff, and is the fourth in order of birth of their family of eight children. Of these, himself and brother Ilciel are all that are spared.
When our subject was only eleven years of age, or in 1857, the Saathoff family came to America, and at once proceeding Westward, settled in Madison County, this State. After a residence of two years there, they removed to Montgomery County. As the family means were very limited, and each child had to contribute as much as possible to the common support, young Henry found but little time to prosecute his studies. That which he has was mostly acquired before his eleventh year, in his native country. In 1876, he lost his mother, and eleven years later death came and laid its restful hand upon the heart that had beaten for him in paternal solicitude.
In 1867, Mr. Saathoff was united in marriage with Miss Frances Keiser. She died March 10, 1890. Of the nine children that came to gladden their home, five are now living. Of these, Annie is the wife of J. F. Whitworth, a merchant of prominence in Sorento. Mary died at the age of fifteen years; Heiel, John, Ira and Lena are all prosecuting their studies here, and preparing to take their places as loyal American citizens.
April 19, 1891, our subject married his present wife, who was a Miss Sophia Haafker, a native of Hanover, Germany, and a daughter of Heine and Mate Haafker, now of Mt. Olive, this State. Their one child, Lizzie, is a lovable girl baby. In 1886, Mr. Saathoff purchased the Central Hotel of Sorento, and for a year was its active proprietor. He again purchased the tine farm where he now lives, still, however, retaining his ownership of the hotel, besides having other valuable property in the town. Although he has for many years been a Democrat, he leaves to others the red tape of political work, merely assisting his party by casting his straight Democratic vote at each election.

Extracted 04 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, page 239.

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