Biography - John Tilden

John H. TILDEN, M. D., Litchfield. Joseph G. TILDEN was born in Norwich, Windsor Co., Vt., on May 19, 1810; he was the son of John TILDEN, a New Hampshire farmer; his mother's maiden name was Grace GOODRICH, of Vermont, where John TILDEN ultimately settled and raised his family, consisting of five boys and one girl. Joseph G. began his education in the common schools of Vermont, and, in that State and in Massachusetts, he taught school, at the same time pursuing his medical studies; he attended lectures in the medical schools of Castleton and Woodstock, graduating at the University of Norwich. Following this, he pursued his post graduate studies, in connection with school-teaching, for eight years. At Highland, Ill., he began the practice of his profession, and for two years taught the schools of that place. He removed to VanBurensburg, Montgomery County, in 1843, that place being then one of the best business points in the county; he practiced his profession there, in conjunction with the drug and general merchandise business, until 1871, when he removed to Raymond, Ill., where he now lives. He was one of the first practitioners of this county; when he located here, he found Drs. HILLIS and HERRICK practicing in Hillsboro, and Dr. LANE at Fillmore; they were the only regular doctors here, he thinks, and there may have been a few irregular. In that early day, the country was rough and wild, the doctors being obliged to travel mostly on horseback, and, owing to the sparsely settled country, their rides were long and tiresome; he rode twenty miles, his practice extending to near where Ramsey, Nokomis and Irving are now located, and also into Fayette and Bond Counties; today, he is the only surviving physician who practiced in Montgomery County when he settled here. Joseph G. was married to Ann W. HILL, daughter of John and Sarah (CASEY) HILL, who was born in this county in 1819, her parents being among the early emigrants here from Kentucky. From that marriage have been born nine children: three daughters died in early infancy; the six remaining are Joseph, a locomotive engineer, living in Mississippi; John H., subject; Scott S., druggist, of Raymond; Seth H., now studying medicine with his father; Ruth E., wife of H. C. COLEMAN, commission merchant of St. Louis; and George A., who is drug clerk for his brother Scott. Dr. John H. TILDEN, subject of this sketch, was born in Montgomery County, Ill., on January 21, 1851, and was educated in the public schools of Litchfield. He left home at the age of seventeen to labor for his own support and education. He began the study of medicine with his father, and, at the age of seventeen, had finished reading several works on medicine. In September, 1869, he entered the office of Dr. J. FELLOWS, of Nokomis, Ill., and read two years, when he entered the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, attending lectures there two sessions, and graduating on May 21, 1872. He began practice in Nokomis, Ill., continuing eight years; in the meantime, during the spring of 1877, taking a post graduate course in the American Medical College at St. Louis, Mo. In August, 1879, he left Nokomis, and for two sessions was connected with the American Medical College as lecturer in anatomy and physiology, residing in St. Louis until June, 1881, when he came to Litchfield and formed a partnership with Dr. R. F. BENNETT, with whom, under the firm name of BENNETT & TILDEN, he enjoys a large and lucrative practice; he is a member of the State and county medical societies and was elected Adjunct Professor of Anatomy in the American Medical College in June, 1872. In September, 1873, he married Miss Rebecca MADDUX, of Hillsboro, Ill., and by their union there are two children living, namely, Edna and Elsie.

Extracted 19 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 177-178.

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