Biography - B Tulpin

B. TULPIN, merchant, Harvel, was born in France April 5, 1836, where he received his education. On August 14, 1855, when nineteen years of age, he was married, and on the day following, emigrated to America with his bride, and landed in Virden, Ill., where he did his fist day's manual labor of Mr. John MORRELL. He remained near Virden and Girard about three years, working by the month. From there he went to Assumption, Christian County, and commenced farming. He followed that occupation two years in that county, and three years in Montgomery County, at the end of which time he entered upon a mercantile business at which he has since continued. In 1865 or 1866, he erected a store building about half a mile south of where Harvel is now located, and between the surveys of two proposed railroads. His was the first store, and he the first to engage in an enterprise of this nature. His facilities for doing business were somewhat limited, and his stock necessarily small, but being energetic and enterprising in business, and possessing the faculty of making himself agreeable to the public, he was soon enabled to increase his stock. His principal drawback was in speaking the English language, which, during his business career, he has mastered. In 1870, his stock and business had increased until it demanded more room, and he erected the building he now occupies, and where he has the satisfaction of conducting a large and increasing trade, the result of a successful business career; and, perhaps, no man has done more for public improvements and for the growth and prosperity of Harvel than Mr. TULPIN. He is always first in all enterprises, and socially enjoys the highest esteem of the entire community. He has at different times held town offices, but usually declines the honors which would otherwise be bestowed upon him. Aside from his business relations, he has added materially to the growth of the town by way of erecting several dwellings. He received his naturalization papers October 8, 1868, and has since been identified with the Republican party. His family consists of his wife and five boys, four of whom are living at home, Arthur, the oldest being married, but assisting his father in the store. Mr. TULPIN has had the misfortune to lose five children, for girls and one boy, all of whom died quite young. He has been a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity for several years. Although usually able to oversee his business, his health has been impaired to such an extent that he is at times obliged to remain at home. His children are Arthur Victor, Hector Maxamillian, Frank Octave, Charles Albert and Maurice Emmanuel, five boys, all living.

Extracted 20 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 254-255.

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