Biography - E Voorhees

E. R. VOORHEES, the subject of this sketch, is the proprietor and manager of the Litchfield Livery, Feed and Sales Stables. He was born in this county and State, eight miles south of this place, April 22, 1863. He is the son of A. S. Voorhees, of whom it will be interesting to give a short sketch.
A. S. Voorhees was born in Princeton, N. J., on the 25th of November, 1836, and was educated in Jersey County. His father, Robert Voorhees, came to Alton first, and then removed to Jerseyville, where he lived until his son was ten years old. He then removed into the country on a farm, where he remained until 1855, when he came to this county. He settled seven miles south of this village, the country around being all prairie at that time. He located on a farm which had been partly improved, but from 1870 to 1876 he lived in Walshville and Nokomis, engaged in different employments. He came to Litchfield in the latter year. Mr. Voorhees married Miss Mary D. Murphy, of this county, but who was born in Jersey County. To this union were born three children: E. R., Nellie and Katie.
After the removal of his father to Nokomis and Walshville, our subject attended the schools of these places, and also went to school after his arrival here. He began his first work on a farm in 1876, and continued at this labor some time, during which season he was careful and provident, and naturally became possessed of some means. He then went into a stable for about sixteen months and there became acquainted with the habits and needs of horses. He was about this time given an opportunity to make a trip through Arkansas and Texas with a railway contractor, and gained not only a knowledge of the country, but a considerable amount of practical information. Upon his return he engaged in work for Sheffle Brothers for twenty months, and then went into a foundry, where he remained one year.
All of this time Mr. Voorhees had been taking care of the pence, and as a matter of course the pounds then cared for themselves, and he found himself in a position to enter into business for himself. He entered a new building north of the Park with new machinery, and there he continued for three years. In 1891 he was prosperous enough to warrant more extended expenditure, and he established himself in the new brick building, which was built by Wilton for the purpose, located opposite the new hotel on Ryder Street. .He sold out the old barn and now gives all of his attention to this place.
The marriage of Mr. Voorhees took place December 24, 1889, to Miss Ida Brokaw, the daughter of A. Brokaw, of South Litchfield. One child has blessed this union, Clarence. The Presbyterian Church is the religious denomination to which our subject belongs.

Extracted 12 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, page 507.

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