Biography - William Warden

William G. WARDEN, carpenter, Litchfield, was born in Allen County, Ky., on May 2, 1832. He lived on a farm in his native State until October, 1850, when he came to Illinois. His father died when he was small, and he came to this State unaccompanied, arriving on a foggy Sunday, being obliged to climb the sign-posts to see the directions. He first stopped with his sister, Mrs. YOUNG, with whom he lived, south of Hillsboro, and worked until the summer of 1851. Then he returned to Kentucky, but in the fall of the same year came back to this State with a brother, with whom he lived two years, helping on the farm. He again returned to Kentucky, and in the fall of 1853 brought his mother to this State. She settled here permanently in 1854, the memorable "famine year". Our subject lived with her four years. Previous to this time he had learned carpentering with his brother, and in 1855 - 56, he worked with Robert FRAME on contracts in the northern part of Montgomery County. In 1857, Mr. WARDEN began taking contracts alone, working in the southern part of this county until 1865, when he moved to Litchfield, where he has been engaged in carpentering ever since. During 1866-67, he also ran a wagon shop. For a period of one year he worked on the bridge work of the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railroad. When the Wabash Railroad was built, he was one of the first to begin work, and after working on the bridges, he superintended a company of men in the construction of the depot and freight building, etc., from Warder to Decatur. Since then he has engaged in carpentering and building. Mr. WARDEN is a Democrat, and has taken an active interest in politics. He was Justice of the Peace for five years, beginning at the time the township system was adopted. After that he was Town Clerk four years. In the spring of 1882, he was elected Assessor of South Litchfield Township. He acted one term as Alderman of the First Ward of Litchfield City in 1877. In 1860, he married Miss Anna E., daughter of A. C. ATWOOD, of Allen County, Ky. Their children are as follows: Alonzo W., born August 1, 1861, and died October 27, 1866; William J., born June 30, 1864; Ivy, born July 24, 1880; and all born in Montgomery County.

Extracted 19 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, page 184.

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