Biography - Edward Wilcox

EDWARD N. WILCOX. It takes a strong arm and steady nerve to be the undoing of the gift of life to even the humblest of God's creatures, and although the purveyors of the more substantial part of our daily food are necessarily engaged in a sanguinary business, it is one not enough appreciated. Mr. Wilcox, of whom we write, is the most prominent butcher in Nokomis. He is a native of this State, having been born in Christian County, October 30, 1851.
Edward N. is a son of George and Elizabeth (Hulett) Wilcox, both of whom, however, died when he was but a small child. The little orphan was made one of the family of Mr. John Busby, a farmer residing in Montgomery County, Ill. His educational advantages were but limited, but he had the making of a good man in him, and what is born in a man is sure to come out in his later life, irrespective of conditions or position. Mr. Wilcox had inherited a sturdy fiber and persistency that insured him success in whatever he attempted. His ambitions were modest, and set within what he was sure that he could attain.
Our subject was engaged in farming until 1880, when, in company with a brother-in-law, he came to Nokomis, and soon became engaged in the butcher business. He was thus occupied for four years, and then, feeling the necessity of a change, he returned to his agricultural occupation, and was thus engaged until the winter of 1892. Seeing a lucrative opening in the business in which he had formerly been engaged, he re-established himself in Nokomis in partnership with Lewis J. Rupert, and they have the leading market in the town, and cater to the best trade. Their patrons are always sure of finding delicious, juicy steaks, and roasts such as would gladden the heart of an Englishman.
Our subject's family life began in 1882, when he was married to Miss Lilly D. Sleeth. Their pleasant home has been brightened by the advent of three attractive children: Verlie, Grace and May. Their fond parents look eagerly into the future, anticipating bright destinies for their dear ones.

Extracted 04 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 251-252.

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