Biography - Otis Williamson

Otis M. WILLIAMSON, farmer, P. O. Bost Hill, was born in Montgomery County, Ill., November 19, 1840, to John and Nancy G. (CARD) WILLIAMSON (see history), and passed his early childhood in the manner common with the children of that day, in attending the common schools, and in assisting his father in his agricultural pursuits. Owing to the limited school privileges, his education was necessarily limited to such as could be obtained in the common schools at that early day. He has, however, continued to add to the foundation laid in the log schoolhouse, and now considers his education to be one, if not above the average, a practical education, and realizing from his own meager opportunities the value education gives one at the present time, he has spared no means to provide such a one for his children, and in return they have taken advantage of the privileges allowed them, and bear a reputation as scholars of which they, as well as their parents, may well feel justly proud. At the age of twenty-one years, Mr. WILLIAMSON left his paternal roof with nothing but his hands with which to enter upon the battle of life, but possessed with all the energy and enterprise of a man who considers that the world owes him a living and sets out fully determined to make his own way. Upon leaving home, he engaged in the carpenter and joiner's business, at which occupation he remained engaged about three or four years, at the end of which time he took upon himself the duties of a farm life. In 1866, he purchased his first real estate, upon which he has since resided engaged in farming and handling stock, more or less extensively. During the years of 1862-63, he was in Colorado engaged in mining, and, in connection with the duties of his farm, he has traveled in several of the States where his stock dealing may have called him. He was married in Montgomery County, Ill., February 28, 1864, to Melvina Jane CRESS, who was born September 12, 1843. She is the mother of four children, viz., Peter P., born May 12, 1868; Hattie A., born January 27, 1871; Walter A., born February 5, 1875; Torney, born December 16, 1865, and died March 27, 1867. Mrs. WILLIAMSON is a daughter of Peter and Katy (NUSMAN) CRESS; he living, she deceased. Mr. WILLIAMSON is an active member of the order of A., F. & A. M., Fillmore Lodge, No. 670. He served as Assessor during the first term after township organization, and is the present Supervisor. He is a man that takes a deep interest in all the political issues of the day, and also in all progressive movements favoring the growth and prosperity of the county, and especially in the advancement of religious and educational privileges.

Extracted 22 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 309-310.

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