Biography - L Witt

L. H. WITT. The State which Charles Egbert Craddock has immortalized in her beautiful stones of mountain life, is the native State of our subject. He was born in Jefferson County, Tenn., November 24, 1834, and is a son of James S. and Susan (Carmikel) Witt. His parents were also both natives of that State. When our subject was a child of but three years of age, the family determined to come to Illinois, believing it to possess greater advantages in an agricultural line than their own native State.
On coming to Illinois, the Witt family settled in Greene County first, and that continued to be the family home until our subject was eighteen years of age. In the meantime, his mother had been taken away by death when he was a lad of thirteen. In 1852, in company with his father, he moved to Macoupin County, and there lived until 1875, in which year he determined to come to Montgomery County. As a boy his knowledge of life was mostly that obtained from his rural associations, and although the prairies were wide and the climate lacked nothing in quality or quantity, still the lad could not be expected to assimilate from these advantages alone any great knowledge of higher educational branches. As much learning as the average boy of his clay possessed was instilled in the youthful mind in the district schools of his locality, or rather in the subscription schools, for the district schools had not then been organized where he lived.
December 16, 1858, a marriage was celebrated in Madison County, of which our subject and Miss Martha J. Deck were the principals. She was a suitable and capable companion for Mr. Witt, and seconded his efforts in every way she could. The following children were the fruit of this union: Warren E., who is a graduate of Blackburn University; Austin E., John W., Olive J., Irene, Annie and Ida, all of whom are bright young people with good prospects of life before them.
Mr. Witt settled on his present farm permanently in the year 1875, and has ever since made it his home. He owns two hundred and thirty-three and one-half acres of land, a well cultivated and arable tract, which bears evidence of the close attention given it by its owner. Mr. Witt has twice been honored with the election to the office of Supervisor of Harvel Township. He is a man of decided views of his own in regard to most of the things of life, and in his political affiliation, he is a Democrat, and is ready to do anything he can for the support of his party.

Extracted 10 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, Illinois, pages 271-272.

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