Biography - Jaret Wright

Jaret WRIGHT, farmer, P. O. Fillmore, was born in Montgomery County in the year 1819, and was raised on the farm and assisted his father in his boyhood days; was educated in the common schools of the country, and entered on his business career as a farmer; went into the Mexican war in 1846, under Capt. McADAMS, Company C, Infantry; was at the battle of Cerro Gordo, at the taking of Vera Cruz; was in the service a year, at the expiration of which he came back to Montgomery County, and settled on the land he received for his services in the war, which was 160 acres of slightly improved land, and remained on it for several years, and sold that and moved to the place on which he now resides, consisting of 530 acres, the most of which is good, tillable land, and has it well improved with a good, comfortable house and barn, with all necessary outbuildings, and was married in this county November 8, 1849, to Miss Mary WHITTEN. She was born in this county in 1821. Easton WHITTEN, her father, was born in South Carolina; was a farmer by occupation, and died in this State in 1855. Her mother was born in South Carolina, and died in this county in 1851, and was the mother of eight children, wife of subject being next youngest. Joseph WRIGHT, the father of subject, was born in South Carolina, and his mother, Sarah REVIS, was born also in the same State; she died in 1855, and was the mother of ten children, the subject being the fifth child, and he has a family of five children living. The names are as follows: Araminda, born July 17, 1851; Emora, born May 8, 1853; Ezra, born July 17, 1855; Esta, born November 17, 1858; Elbert, born October 8, 1861. John Ambler JOHNSON, the grandfather of subject's wife, was in the Revolutionary war; Democrat all his life. He being one of the old settlers, has done as much as any man, according to means, toward the advancement of agricultural and public improvements.

Extracted 22 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from 1882 History of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois, Part 2 Biographical Department, pages 307-308.

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